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The past 10 years have been characterized by a high adoption rate of high speed, light weight cable pullers by contractors. The reason for this is these equipment are said to be time saving during installations as well as reduce physical fatigue, which normally is caused by the manual cable pullers. When executing large projects, power cable pullers have proven that jobs can get done more efficiently and at a much shorter time span with very little physical labor. While pulling equipment has been in existence for years, it’s only until recently that they have undergone different transformations. Manufacturers have had to keep up with the changes in technology and companies too have had to keep up with them to maximize efficiency in their workplaces. Today there are many accessories like the cable feeders, cable tray rollers, pulling grips and many others as a result.

The force gauges are among the most recent developments in the industry which are responsible for measuring the rope tension during the pulls. The pulling calculators are also used to calculate the pulling loads as well as recommend capacity of the cable puller that should be used. A lot of money can be saved when you have the right equipment to get tasks done. While you can rent such a kind of equipment, the option of buying your own often possesses an attractive option. Here are a few factors you can consider when deciding between the two.

How often you will need the equipment

If your project needs cable tray rollers only a few times throughout the entire project then the only economic sense would be to hire the equipment. The reason is even if you make a purchase you may not require its services as much and thus will remain unused for long periods of time; a situation that will expose your equipment. On the other hand, if your project involves heavy use of the pulling equipment then the option of buying cable tray rollers in Australia is worth consideration. Not only will this option be cheaper for you but convenient as well.

How long is the project running

Also the nature of the project will determine whether or not you should buy cable tray rollers or not. For example, if you are doing the project for an extended time period then you are better off buying your own rollers cable tray than renting. In the event that the project is only temporary then there is no need to buy your own equipment. This option will offer cost saving benefits as well as convenience.

You also have to consider other factors such as affordability. If you don’t have the money to buy cable tray rollers then your best option is hiring. Also if you are looking for quality then you will be better off hiring as hiring companies buy only quality cable tray rollers so they can last longer.

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